Product Overview

Price -

The length, the width, the wattage and the voltage. Phone or email your bench size – quotation by return.

The Hotbox Heatwave is a made-to-measure bench heating system which encourages germination, propagation and growth of seedlings and cuttings by delivering constant, uniform heat to the base of seed trays and plant pots.

  • Optimum growing temperature – precise thermostatic control from 6 to 38°C
  • Easy to install – on the ground or on benches, just plug in and plant up
  • Energy efficient – inexpensive to run
  • Durable construction – reliability built-in
  • Flexibility – operate more than one Heatwave from a single thermostat control

Technical Specification

  • Size & voltage: built to your specification – no cold spots, no waste
  • Installation: lay on 50mm thick polystyrene base, capillary matting optional
  • Power: fitted with compliant plug for country of use
  • Construction: aluminium foil base, with PTFE elements Meets all European standards.

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INSTALLATION – This system is very simple to install and requires no specialist knowledge, just an electrical socket. Tried and tested for over 25 years in 45 countries, plants cannot have a better start.

Installation is very simple. The Hotbox Heatwave Panel can be used on the ground or an any standard aluminium or wooden benching. No sand is used so no heavy bench materials are required. First lay approximately 30-50mm thick polystyrene as a base, (this ensures no heat is lost and that all heat is distributed into the soil trays above) then lay the Heatwave on top, cover with polythene and capillary matting if desired to give more protection. Plug in and plant up!

HEAT DISTRIBUTION – The Heatwave root zone heating system is the only method available that can guarantee an even spread of heat across the entire surface.

The heating element is laminated in sheets of foil, resulting in no cold or hot spots, just even temperatures.

Each panel is calculated individually ensuring the correct balance of circuit resistance and positioning. The entire foil panel is connected to ‘earth’ offering complete safety. The seedtrays are warmed from below and held at a constant temperature during the propagation process ensuring rapid and strong growth from seeds and cuttings

Two or more panels can be connected to one thermostat if desired (up to 20m² total). This is known as the master and slave set up.

Thermostats are factory connected with a compliant plug dependent on country of use. The thermostat sensor is inserted into the root zone to measure soil or compost temperature. The thermostat can be set for temperatures between 6-38 degrees depending on your selection of plants for propagation.

CONSUMPTION/VOLTAGE – The Hotbox Heatwave Panel is made for the British climate at 150W/m². This can be altered if ambient conditions are different to the norm. For example, Heatwave are supplied at higher wattage for Iceland, but at a lower wattage for Zimbabwe.

Danish Trolley Heatwave – shelf heating system

Designed to fit Danish – Trolley shelves – use trolleys for germination and propagation

Ultimate flexibility – Control temperature of Heatwaves individually or by using just one, global control

What Our Customers Say

“Well I thought I’d help save the planet. Ordered a smaller heat mat from the great people at Hotbox. This will hopefully save on the leccy bill when I only have up to 12 trays of cuttings to keep warm instead of having the whole 3.6 metre length on. A big thank you to Jill Thornton and all the team at Hotbox.”

Mark Pattenden

“We have dealt with Hotbox for over 10 years now and have built an excellent working relationship with them , their products are reliable, long lasting and superb quality, customer service is second to none to be honest.”

Matthew Soper – Hampshire Carnivorous Plants

“Good products, great service. Nothing is too much trouble”

Tony Davies – Bespoke Education & Specialist Training