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Increase CO2 to 1000 ppm – achieve optimum growing environment

Low running cost – runs on propane or natural gas (all of the CO2 Generator are supplied as propane with a conversation kit for natural gas)

Easy installation – simply attach to supply, plug in and switch on

Robust, lightweight construction – durable, yet easy to move around

N.B. Carbon dioxide and air circulation

Plants can only absorb carbon dioxide near to them. Carbon dioxide is also heavier than air and will tend to fall to the base of the growing area. Best results are achieved by good air circulation and Hotbox Mistraal air circulation fans have been developed for this purpose.

Technical Specification

2.5 4 11
Gas Natural or propane Natural or propane Natural or propane
CO² per hour 0.55KG 0.9KG 2.5KG
Size (cm) 32 × 20 × 50 32 × 20 × 50 70 × 20 × 90
Weight 5KGs 5KGs 19KGs
1000 ppm per m of greenhouse 55m² 90m²
What Our Customers Say

“Well I thought I’d help save the planet. Ordered a smaller heat mat from the great people at Hotbox. This will hopefully save on the leccy bill when I only have up to 12 trays of cuttings to keep warm instead of having the whole 3.6 metre length on. A big thank you to Jill Thornton and all the team at Hotbox.”

Mark Pattenden

“We have dealt with Hotbox for over 10 years now and have built an excellent working relationship with them , their products are reliable, long lasting and superb quality, customer service is second to none to be honest.”

Matthew Soper – Hampshire Carnivorous Plants

“Good products, great service. Nothing is too much trouble”

Tony Davies – Bespoke Education & Specialist Training