Hotbox Propagator

Acurate and uniform root zone heating for up to 12 standard seed trays

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The Hotbox Propagator delivers accurate, uniform heat to the base of the seed trays, to promote the germination of seeds or root cuttings.

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  • *Simple to put together – comes part built but some parts require connecting
  • Energy efficient – inexpensive to run, no need to heat the whole greenhouse
  • Optimum growing temperature – precise thermostatic control from 6 to 38°C
  • Durable construction – reliability built-in
  • Space saving design – overall dimensions length 1.5m, width 0.75m

    The Propagators aluminium base which encloses the heating element ensures that seedtrays receive accurate and uniform heat for propagation.

    The thermostat sensor is placed into the growing medium to obtain the correct temperature for maximum germination and rooting rates.

    The Polycarbonate top (which is assembled on site) will protect the young plants and provide a mini climate several degrees higher than the surrounding temperatures in the greenhouse. Therefore there may not be any need for additional background heating in the greenhouse.

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Technical Specification

  • Voltage: 110V or 230V
  • Power: 165W
  • Thermostat: 6 to 38°C
  • Capacity: up to 12 seed trays
  • Size: length 1.5m, width 0.75m

Interested in the Hotbox Propagator? Click here to enquire about this product.

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